Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 2.5 (the evening)

Due to an unforeseen circumstance of having the main computer die on us, we are having to rewrite a few blogs tomorrow morning on an ipad to post them for all of you. We will make sure to have these ready for you in the morning and apologize for not updating you as much as we'd like.  We were deep in cattle country last night, so there was little we could do about updating the blog.  

We have been quite busy over the past 24 hours--there are almost too many things to mention without going into a ton of detail.  We spent the night last night sitting around a fire, looking at all the brilliant constellations, after eating a wonderful BBQ consisting of local steaks straight from the farm.  Everyone played volleyball until the sun went down and we were accompanied by the two grandkids of the ranch owners who became best friends with Sarah V. and Ellie.

One of the highlights of the day was going out on a bush ride and seeing several wild kangaroos. We even saw a fresh water crocodile hanging out by waters edge.  The cattle farm is on 40,000 acres and each cow gets to graze on several hundred acres of land.  It is a pretty remarkable place and one that several students want to return to in the near future to volunteer.

In the morning, several students were up early and happened to stumble upon an eight foot python sleeping under a tree.  After breakfast, they convinced the guide to pick it up (it was only a carpet python and not very dangerous).  Several students jumped at the chance to hold the python and they have pictures to prove it.

I will allow the students to fill in the rest, but that gives a gist of our evening yesterday.

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  1. This may be a duplicate post. Is there any way to make the text more readable? The pictures in the background are dark with black text. Is it my computer or ???? Anyway continue with your learning and adventures. Iver Peterson Sr