Sunday, March 15, 2015

Day 3 (by Louisa Carrol and Ari Turner)

Waking up to a beautiful, warm sun was how this lovely day started.  To kick off the morning we saw a 6 foot carpet Python catching up on some zzz's himself.  Not to mention the lovely sight of seeing horses roam the farm at Woodleigh was amazing.  It's not everyday you wake up to such beauty!  Thanks to Dr. Martin we all had the chance to touch the Python, some of us even holding it for themselves.

When then went on to have a typical farm breakfast of eggs toast and cereal. All seemingly normal in my daily routine,however farm life is busy and there are several chores that must be completed by day's end. Being that no one from our group is much of a cattle farmer we got to experience the task of milking a cow for the first time. It was quite an odd experience sitting underneath such a big animal and pulling on it. But our group was successful and even got a fresh sampling of the product. Next we were able to learn the art of whip cracking. Painful for beginners with bad aim but some of our group were naturals while others like myself took a few missed attempts to appendages leaving some tended skin and drive to get it correct. Eventually we were all successful and felt as if we were ready for the rodeo.

Our time at Woodleigh cattle ranch was over and we all piled into the bus and headed towards Kuranda Skyrails ( sitting high above the rainforest in a tiny box there were several jokes about plummeting to the forest canopy and bouncing around like gerbils in a ball. The views were spectacular from the gondola, but the out look to a unusually strong Barron falls was FANTASTIC! Due to "time restrictions" we had to quickly make our way down to the base center and got to listen to a sustainability lecture from on the the onsite experts. It was quite fascinating to hear about the airdrop ping of all the Skyrails posts and the strategic design of all the rainforest walkways.

Next we took a scenic drive along the coast to our next destination of Port Douglas. Upon arrival we all rushed at the opportunity to get some ocean wind on our faces and take in the lush landscapes. A few of us separated from the group and had to get a little creative when coming back to our accommodations by taking a sunset jog along the coast in order to make our dinner reservation at the yacht club. After dinner all 17 of us hit the town and unwound ending the day with great anticipation for the next day's adventures.    

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